13 Best VR Workout Games In 2022

Let’s make it clear, working out in home can sometimes get plain boring. The workout may feel claustrophobic and monotonous. You cannot stick with your workout routine. As a result, various game developers have created a wide variety of VR workout games that allow you to work out with fun in the comfort of your own home. 

The VR workout games create an immersive world that lets you work out while playing games. I believe it’s very fun to work out when you are having an amazing time. These VR games do exactly that. You won’t even know that you are working out.

I have compiled a list of the best VR workout games, so you won’t have any excuses not to work out now.

Best VR Workout Games

It’s always fun to gameplay in your leisure time. But what if you can play the game and have a great exercise session. Yes, that sounds right. You can play games on a VR set and easily work out with those games. You won’t even realize that you are exercising because you will be so immersed in the game.


  • Developer:
  • Publisher:
  • Release Date: May 2019
  • Platform: Quest, Quest 2

FitXr is a very fun and exciting Vr workout game. Even the fifteen minutes in this game will induce sweat in your body. Initially, I thought that working out wearing a VR set in the virtually simulated world won’t bring any changes in my body, but I was completely wrong. It also includes boxing, dancing, and HIIT.

You can do workouts in various locations, find some amazing music, and do some easy workouts that you don’t like a workout. Many professionals from around the globe have made a course in this game, you can easily access some, and you need to buy some. You can even play boxing games, follow the dance steps of professionals and enjoy your time along with exercising. 

You can choose even length and intensity, find the best instructors, set a goal, and play some multiplayer games. You can compete with your friends and motivate each other. 


  • Developer: Holodia
  • Publisher: Holodia
  • Release Date: January 2021
  • Platform: Quest, Quest 2

The workout in this game feels like some vacation because of the plethora of workout virtual worlds this game provides. The location in the game is unique and pleasing. You can use various external types of equipment like rowing machines and stationary bikes to enhance the exercise. 

There is a plethora of exercise to do. You can do a full-body workout or do some specific workouts. You can do various activities like running, cycling, or combine various workouts from the catalog. And the great news is the exercise will not bore you. You can row your boat in the various virtual rivers and run through amazing virtual streets. 

The only downside to this game is that you need powerful rigs. It can also be a hassle to connect your system to the PC. There is also a wireless option. You can try that too.


  • Developer: Within Unlimited, Inc.
  • Publisher: Within Unlimited, Inc.
  • Release Date: April 2020
  • Platform: Oculus Quest devices

Supernatural offers an array of amazing locations and entertaining games that lets you forget that you are working out in your home. As long as you have a VR set and free space, you can turn any place into a workout room.

With the motivating and enthusiastic music blasting in your ear, you can exercise your full body. The game is designed to fully optimize the complete workout. You need to sometimes do lunges, squat, move your positions, and hit some targets. The workout does not feel forced or hard. The exercise is very easy, and there will be a virtual trainer to guide you every step of your way.

Now, you just need to buy the subscription and wear your VR set on and play some interesting and fun games that help you to stay fit. The workout in the game is comparatively light, so you need to be aware of your needs and then only buy the subscription.

Superhot VR

  • Developer: Superhot Team
  • Publisher: Superhot Team
  • Release Date:
    February 2016
  • Platform:
    Microsoft Windows,
    OS X,
    Xbox One,
    PlayStation 4,
    Oculus Quest,
    Nintendo Switch

This is not your traditional VR workout game. This is a proper action game that will leave you sweating after a half-hour session of gaming. The graphics of the game is very goofy and exciting. The game requires you to move your whole body.

In this game, You are supposed to kill the enemies with the weapons in your hand. This game offers mainly upper body movement as you need to kill various red enemies, dodge the bullets and move on to the next level. The catch of this game is that the time in the game moves when the character moves in the game.

The game is not that intensive, so this game is only for light to moderate workouts. 


  • Developer: VirZOOM
  • Publisher: VirZOOM
  • Release Date: 15, 2021
  • Platform: Oculus Quest devices

So, you wanna bike anywhere in the world in the comfort of your house. This game lets your ride in every city possible if you purchase the premium version of the game. You can even make your own custom virtual scenarios to cycle through.

 You can play various modes. But the most fun is riding the horse and throwing the lasso at the other opponents. You can also ride war tanks and blast the enemies. There is also a helicopter game in which you need to ride the helicopter and hit the target on the map.

This game is especially for the lower body and cardio. You can make your cardio exercise more fun and entertaining than your regular treadmill.


  • Developer: Odders Lab
  • Publisher: Odders Lab
  • Release Date: December 2019
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Oculus Quest

This is one of the interesting and fun games to play. The game is very simple and offers you the exercise of a full body. You need to move different parts of your body in this game. 

The gameplay is very simple and exciting. You must dodge and structure your position to the position cut out on the carved-out wall in the game. There are different types of carved-out walls in the game. You need to position yourself as the carved-out wall in the game. You also need to punch some targets and collect the coins. 

The game is very fun and sweat-inducing. You need to move your whole body, so it helps to obtain full-body exercise. Furthermore, this is a family game. So, you can play with your friends or family and compete with them.

Beat Saber

  • Developer:
    Beat Games
  • Publisher:
    Beat Games
  • Release Date: May, 2019
  • Platform: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Beat saber is a faced paced, adrenaline-rushing rhythm game. This is an exhausting game sometimes. You will feel pain in your arms and hands after the long gaming session, which is a very good thing if you are intending on exercising your arms and hands.

The gameplay of this game is very simple and fun. You just need to hit the block of musical notes that comes right at you. You hold two lightsabers, i.e., red and blue. Using the lightsaber, you need to slice every block possible. Sometimes, you also need to dodge some obstacles that come your way. This game feels like some intensive workout routine sometimes.

The music in this game is very good and fun. You must find your own playing style and get into the game. It is totally up to you how you approach the game. Some players much too much and move their wrist too often, but some play just stays still and dodge.

The Thrill of the Fight 

  • Developer:
    Sealost Interactive LLC
  • Publisher:
    Sealost Interactive LLC
  • Release Date: Jul, 2016
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows

This game must be perfect for you if you are searching for a full-body workout. This game feels like an intensive workout from the get-go. So, you need to first go to the training mode, hit some punch bags and stuff, and then only move to the ring fight.

The thrill of the fight is a proper boxing game that lets you train like boxers and let you play various boxing matches in the ring. You need to do various things in the game.

You need to time your punch right so that it perfectly lands on the enemy. You need to dodge the punches, block the punches, and throw your own punch. Sometimes, this game feels exhausting, as this game feels like a proper boxing match without injuries. 

The game is fun and offers full-body exercise. And the interesting thing is there is a little learning curve in this game.

The Climb 2

  • Developer: Crytek
  • Publisher: Crytek
  • Release Date: March 2021
  • Platform: Oculus Quest
    Oculus Quest 2

Climb 2 is really interesting. You need to navigate through various hardcore environments like rock climbing and skyscraper climbing. This game nails the VR experience of rock climbing. The graphics of the game is pretty good and enticing; the only problem I had with this game is it does not feature a story mode. 

There are various scenarios in the game and various maps you can choose from. First of all, you must need to complete the tutorial then all the map in the game gets unlocked. There is three difficulty mode in the game. You can choose anyone from them. The game really balances the thrilling and the exercising aspect well. Mostly, there is an upper-body workout done while playing this game. 

Synth Riders

  • Developer:
    Kluge Interactive
  • Publisher:
    Kluge Interactive
  • Release Date: Jul, 2018
  • Platform: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

This game may be the best game for you if you are just starting to work out. You need to move your full body while playing this game. You can be creative with this game and dance with the rhythm, and complete your mission. There are almost 55 songs to dance around.

Despite the fact that this game is easy and fun to play, it gets you your regular exercise done. You must hit the two-color box that is coming right at you. You have a two-colored sword-like thing that is used to slice the balls in the game. Sometimes, you need to dodge various obstacles in the game. 

Synth riders is a chill game. You can do some light exercise through this game. You can spice things up and throw some dance moves while playing the game.

Pistol Whip

  • Developer: Cloudhead Games
  • Publisher: Cloudhead Games ltd.
  • Release Date: November 2019
  • Platform: Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

While playing this game, you may completely forget that you are exercising. When the body part starts to hurt, then only you will be reminded of that unconscious lunges, squats, dodges. The game is very fun and addicting and does not feel like you are exercising. 

 The graphics of the game is too amazing and exciting. You must kill the enemies in the game with the various weapons in your hand. You can use both pistols for both hands. You must dodge the bullets from enemies and look around for enemies.

The sound design of this game is also very good. The gameplay of the game gets harder and harder as you move on to the various levels. And this game offers an array of maps and scenarios in the game. 

This game is so much fun to play. As I mentioned earlier, this game will exhaust you and help you burn some calories. I hope you play this exciting game. 

Audio Trip

  • Developer:
    Kinemotik Studios
  • Publisher: Andromeda Entertainment
  • Release Date: Oct, 2019
  • Platform: Steam, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift,Viveport

This is probably the most fun and entertaining game. The inner dancer in you will jump out automatically when you start to play this game. The game is very fast and sweat-inducing. The song choice in the game is very groovy and fun. You can be creative and imaginative and dance to various songs.

This game features many difficulty levels in the game like CARDIO mode, BEGINNER, REGULAR, and EXPERT. You can play game mode anytime, but the best mode is the CARDIO mode. In cardio mode, You need to use your full body; you need to hit the target and dodge the various obstacles. You need to do various lunges, squats, and hand gestures to the rhythm of the song. 

The game is too beautiful. The song choices are perfect for workouts and dance. I hope you play this game. 

Knockout League

  • Developer:
    Grab Games
  • Publisher:
    Grab Games
  • Release Date: Feb, 2018
  • Platform: Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

The knockout League is a very goofy and fun game to play which offers light to moderate exercise. It is a boxing game in which you should beat very goofy characters like pirates, octopus, and much more. Each character has their own fighting style.

You must fight with various characters in this single-player arcade game to advance to the next level. The boxing element in this game is very well done. You need to block some punches, block their signature moves, and also throw your own punches till you win the game. Since each character has a different playing style, your approach to the game must be different. 

This game is mainly for upper body workouts as there is no leg moment involved in the game. This is a great game for regular exercise. You should try this game if you are looking out for VR workout games. 

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