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Are you ready to get those buns into shape? Sculpting a firm, toned backside that looks stellar in jeans and yoga pants is more achievable than you’d think, thanks to this expert-approved workout. With motivation and dedication on your side, you’ll achieve buns of steel in no time.

We chatted with Michele Rogers, a personal trainer on Fyt, who shares with us this productive routine that’ll seriously work your glutes. (For those who didn’t know, Fyt is the nation’s largest service of personal trainers that makes working with a certified fitness expert in-person or virtually convenient for everyone.) Rogers tells us, “Below are some of my favorite exercises to give to my clients who are looking to achieve buns of steel. It’s a quick and efficient workout that takes the necessary precautions to avoid any injuries while getting a killer workout in!”

So without further delay, let’s get into the exercises that’ll help you achieve buns of steel. Do each exercise for 1 minute, and rest for 30 seconds in between movements. This entire routine should take just about 15 minutes of your time. Grab your yoga mat and foam roller, and it’s time to get started!


According to Rogers, if you have tight glutes, they won’t contract well at all. And if your muscles can’t contract, they won’t grow. So, position your left buttcheek on a foam roller, and bring your left ankle over your right knee. When you feel a spot that’s tender, remain in that position for 30 seconds before working on another tender spot. Dedicate 1 minute to each buttcheek.

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“Static stretches (that you hold for at least 30 seconds) are a no-no for warming up because they decrease muscle power,” Roger explains. “Generally, moving through a stretch dynamically is a better preparatory approach.”

Start out by hugging one knee to your chest, then switch over to the other knee and keep alternating. This warm-up movement will stretch your glute muscles “without relaxing them” and warm up your body.

Next, assume a wide stance, and hinge forward at your hips, making sure your chest remains lifted. Shift from one side to the other so that one knee bends and the other is straight.


This movement will activate your backside by focusing on hip extension, which Roger says is the main job of the gluteus maximus. She instructs, “Lie on your back with knees bent, feet and legs parallel, and an exercise band above your knees to activate the gluteus medius. Slowly lift your pelvis off the floor and squeeze towards the ceiling while exhaling. Keep [your] abs strong [and] back flat, and fully breathe out. Slowly lower back down.”

Take this exercise to the next level by elevating your upper body on a bench. Once you feel like you have this movement down pat, you can add weight to the top of your upper thighs.


The Rotation Squat targets all of your glute muscles at the same time. You’ll begin in a “close-stance, semi-squat position.” Then, Roger instructs, “Step your right foot out and rotate open so that your feet land in a right angle to each other (sumo squat stance). Return to start and switch sides.”

Take this exercise to the next level by holding a set of dumbbells on your shoulders.

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Focusing on one leg at a time will recruit more muscles and provoke greater growth than if you used both legs for that same exercise. So for this movement, you’ll want to rest one of your big toes on the ground or a stable surface. Don’t put weight on that foot. “Squat down and reach in front of your standing foot with your opposite hand while bending at the hip and knee,” Roger instructs, adding to switch sides after 30 seconds are up. If you have impeccable balance, try keeping your foot in the air.

Repeat exercises one through three.


Wrap things up with the Figure 4 Stretch. Position yourself on your back. Your left ankle should cross over your right knee as you bring your right thigh into your chest. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds before repeating it on the other side.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

Bonus: Skater Hops

After doing this workout for one week, Roger says you can ditch the foam rolling and add a minute of Skater Hops after every strength circuit. To properly perform Skater Hops, Roger instructs, “Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart. Jump your right leg towards your side while lifting your left leg to move behind your right leg while remaining in the air. Repeat on the opposite side.”

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