All of Us Are Dead Star Reveals His Fitness Journey

Lomon, also known as Park Solomon, gained the attention he deserved after joining the blockbuster Netflix series All of Us Are Dead.

The hit K-zombie series gained huge craze, not just in South Korea but also worldwide as viewers rave about the unique and intense feelings of the 12-part episode K-drama.

In All of Us Are Dead, Lomon plays the 4th year student and campus crush Lee Soo Hyeok who is paired up with the class president Choi Nam Ra, played by Cho Yi Hyun.

Joining them as fellow lead stars are Park Ji Hoo and Yoon Chan Young.

Apart from his impressive performance, viewers were drawn to the 22-year-old actor’s stunning visuals.

As seen on Lomon’s Instagram with 5.6 million followers, the South Korean actor boasts a unique charm and a stunning figure.

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Lomon Workout Routine

The breakout graced Esquire Korea, where he spoke about his fitness journey.

As obtained by an outlet, Lomon shared why he is into working out and the benefits he gets from it.

The actor revealed that he starts his day doing exercises and said that he makes sure to do this if his schedule permits.

As early as high school, he started working out and revealed that there are two main things he gained from continuous exercise.

“One is a solid body, and the second is a lesson that efforts do not betray,” he said.

As for Lomon’s workout routine starts with stretching followed by cardio drills.

Based on his Instagram, the actor loves weightlifting and swimming; hence his perfectly ripped physique.

Lomon on His Skyrocketing Fame After All of Us Are Dead

As his interview with Esquire Korea continues, Lomon shared his thoughts about his popularity and the craze of the Netflix series.

All of Us Are Dead is definitely one of the biggest K-dramas in 2022 where viewers immediately look forward to season 2 right after the series made its world premiere.

Thankfully the K-zombie series gets the green light for season 2 and is in pre-production as of July 2022, according to What’s On Netflix.

Interestingly, at the height of the series Lomon revealed that they’ve been receiving congratulatory messages from viewers and people around him, which made their hard work worth it.

The actor tells that he was a “little terrified” with insane attention, especially when his Instagram followers continue to grow.

“When I saw the number of Instagram followers rising at an insane rate, I was even a little terrified. I was worried about what would happen if I was disappointed because I couldn’t show a good side in the next project,” he said.

Lomon added that as a rookie actor, he would continue to grow and challenge himself by taking various roles.

What’s Next for Lomon After All of Us Are Dead?

Besides All of Us Are Dead Season 2, Lomon will also headline an upcoming drama, Third Person Revenge, penned by Rooftop Prince, The Girl Who Sees Scents, and Beautiful Gong Shim.

The revenge K-drama follows the story of a woman named Ok Chan Mi, portrayed by Shin Ye Eun, and her mission to seek vengeance for the death of her twin brother.

Third Person Revenge, which is set to premiere sometime in 2023, includes a roster of talented stars, including Jung Soo Bin and Kim Joo Ryoung of Squid Game.

Apart from his upcoming K-dramas, Lomon is quite active in the fashion world and recently joined Cha Eun Woo and EXO’s Sehun at the concept store opening for the Dior winter 2022 collection in Seoul.

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