Apple Announces New Fitness and Workout Features at WWDC

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Apple announced updates to the Workout app for Apple Watch Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

Three new running form metrics will be added so Watch users can better understand their performance. They include vertical oscillation (the measure of how much you move up or down), stride length and ground contact time. 

Apple is also introducing Heart Rate Zones, so users can get a sense of how hard their heart is working during a workout. Custom Workouts is another new addition to the Workout app, and will allow users to mix intervals of speed with rest, for example. Alerts for pace, heart rate and more can be added to these workouts. Another bonus is that you’ll be able to race against your best or last result that’s tracked in the Fitness app.

For people training for a triathlon, the Workout app will now allow people to switch from biking, swimming and running interchangeably by using motion sensors that recognize movement patterns.

Apple also announced that the Fitness app with iOS 16 will be available to all iPhone users, regardless of whether they own an Apple Watch.

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