Chatham Resident Expands Workout Business With Third Location

CHATHAM, NJ — A long-time Chatham resident is expanding his fitness business once more, opening his third location in Summit this week.

Dave Weaving is the franchise owner of StretchLab, a gym and physical fitness center that is one of the country’s newest health-related franchises. Weaving was a senior executive at Fortune 500 Realogy prior to becoming a local franchisee.

Weaving’s original Livingston location, at 184 South Livingston Avenue, became the nation’s first franchised StretchLab location in 2018. In 2019, his Morristown location on DeHart Street opened.

Summit Mayor Nora Radest will officially open the new location at 412 Springfield Avenue on Thursday, June 16 at 4p.m.

“Bringing StretchLab to New Jersey has been a wonderful new chapter in my life,” Weaving said. “Seeing so many members benefit from professionally-led stretching programs has been inspiring. The comments we hear most from members is that the short and long-term benefits of working with our certified Flexologists TM are more valuable than a traditional massage. We’ve been operating at full capacity for quite a while following pandemic protocols, but things have really taken off in the last several months.”

StretchLab focuses on one-on-one stretching and identifying body tightness and imbalances. Clients frequently come in with pain, tightness, or specific areas, according to their website, and StretchLab helps customize a stretch routine that is specific to the client’s needs.

The new location features eight stretching tables where clients work through a highly customized stretching routine in sessions that last 25 to 50 minutes.

According to Weaving, each “Flexologist” he employs has completed at least 60 hours of training that includes theory and hands-on work, as well as learning about the muscular system, the benefits of specific stretches, and how to create a custom approach to meet a client’s individual needs and concerns.

“It is incredible how our bodies need to be stretched after long days at the computer, being outside, before and after recreational sports activities or conducting our day-to-day lives,” Weaving said. “We know we should all stretch routinely, but most of us don’t. Our StretchLab programs are life changing as we help reduce muscle and joint pain while also increasing range of motion and flexibility. And it is such a relaxing environment too.”

Weaving said that those new to stretching can take advantage of discounted “Intro Stretch” memberships to help them determine which short-term membership is best for them.

For more information on the Summit location, click here.

StretchLab, which began franchising with Weaving in 2018, now has operations in 37 states and 200 locations across the country.

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