GP2 righty workout, Otto out; Kerr, Looney, Kidd, Bullock

Jason Kidd, Reggie Bullock, Steve Kerr and Kevon Looney spoke at their respective morning shootarounds for the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors before Game 4 tonight. The above video is clickable and contains the behind-the-scenes views, where Gary Payton II did a right-handed workout, Shaun Livingston learned a dance move from Jordan Poole, and Damion Lee stole NBC Bay Area’s microphone and interviewed “Andrew Wiggins-son”. Below are the videos and below that are the notes & quotes.

DISCLAIMER: These are all just notes for my main workflow of YouTube videos, tweeted by beatwriters. I used to transcribe every interview but it became too tedious and not worth the investment for the small amount of views we got on the soundbites on YouTube. The links to the tweets are not available because sometimes I don’t use the full tweet and just having a ton of tweets on this website imo isn’t aesthetically pleasing and gets away from the main goal: transferring information (not so much entertainment) asap.


• Kidd: “There’s no quit…there’s no doubt…the trust level they have is at a very high level.” (me via Brad Townsend video)

• Reggie Bullock got a text from his grandfather, a former boxer, saying “You know what to do when your back is against the wall: Come out swinging.” (Townsend)

• Bullock leads all players with 631 minutes this postseason and said fatigue might’ve contributed some to his 0-for-10 Game 3, but “these are the times that I wished for, to be playing for a long time in the playoffs.” (Callie Caplan)

• Reggie Bullock on leading the league in playoff mins: “These are the times I wish for to be playing for a long period of time in the playoffs. My body feel it, but at the same time, I gotta be ready for my team…” (Landon Buford)

• Bullock on going 0/10: “Probably a little fatigue.” (Buford)


• Kerr begins media availability with a message to Mavericks radio voice Chuck Cooperstein, whose mother, Judy, passed away yesterday: “On behalf of the Warriors, just want to pass along our thoughts and condolences . . . We’re thinking of you, Chuck.” (Townsend)

• Otto Porter Jr. is out for Game 4. Steve Kerr: “He’s still sore. Gotta make the wise decision here. This gives him a couple of days to prepare for a possible Game 5…We just don’t want to take a chance in terms of harming his future availability…We have to make the right decision here.” (Anthony Slater, Madeline Kenney, CJ Holmes)

• Kerr on talks of a sweep: “There’s danger in thinking about anything beyond tonight’s game…We can’t be thinking about anything other than tonight’s game…We have to be locked in and focused just like we were in Game 3 when we got off to a good start…We know how dangerous Dallas is, how well they play at home. They are more likely, I think, to make shots early.” (Dalton Johnson, John Dickinson, Townsend)

• Kerr: “I think Steph is in as good shape, or better, than anyone in the league.” (Connor Letourneau)


• Looney on the Warriors’ rebounding dominance in this series, but playing w/o Porter tonight: “Missing Otto is huge. He’s one of our best rebounders.” (Townsend)

• Looney on closing the Mavs out: “In our previous two series we learned closeout games are very hard. You think teams are just going to lay down, they’re not, they’re going to give their best fight, their season is on the line, the crowd is gonna be crazy, it’s tough to win on the road.” (Dickinson)


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