Here’s How To Have A Great Family Workout

Rather than trying to find time away from their kids to work out, parents can instead involve their children and make fitness a family affair. 

Fitness has become a priority for most of us – but how do we get time to work out, when the little ones don’t leave us, even for a second? We have a solution – get your kids to exercise with you. Yes, you can engage your children in some fun fitness activities, so that they do not find this boring at all!

Before we get to the exercises you can try out together, let’s take a look at some general tips that can help you make this plan successful. 

Remember these tips, when working out with kids: 

●    If your kids are too young, don’t expect them to exercise properly. Instead, you can involve them by letting them count reps, or keeping a track of your workout;

●    Are your kids in the age group of 2-6 years? Let them wrestle, play, and move around freely. Of course, they can be a part of your workout routine, but don’t push them too much;

●    When they reach the 7-12 years mark, they can be a little more involved. They are sure to enjoy swinging, dancing, throwing/catching, or getting up and down the floor. They will also happily do push-ups or squats;

●    If your kids are light, you can also take their help during weight lifting workouts. 

Here are some workouts that you can do together 

•    Bodyweight squats

What’s different about this exercise, you may say? Well, this is a twist to the original squat – lift your child on your shoulders and get started. It’s like grabbing a bar and working out. Not only does it level up your workout, but it also keeps your little one engaged. 

•    Lunges

This one is similar to the previous exercise! Perform a lunge, just the way you do, with your child properly seated on your shoulders. This is going to be pretty hard, but get ready to hear your child squeal in excitement for sure. 

•    Touch the sky

This is a fun one! Haven’t we seen kids get excited at the very mention of jumping and touching the sky? Well, that’s what this exercise is all about. Sit in a squat or frog position, stand tall, and the two of you can extend your arms to touch the sky. 

•    Long jumps 

Before we begin, here’s a word of caution: try this on a soft mat and not on a rough surface for sure, because the landing may not be too smooth. You could make a game out of it – draw a line and ask your kid to jump over it. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

•    Push-ups

Like squats and lunges, your kid can crawl on your back, as you engage in heavy duty push-ups! Oh, and if it’s too tough, you can do knee push-ups. The idea is to pack in some exercise along with your child – this serves the purpose. 

•    Bear crawl

What if you and your kid crawl like bears on a yoga mat? Think we are kidding? Well, we aren’t! Get your child to sit on your back, and get ready to crawl like a bear. This is a great functional exercise that will work your spine, as well as your core. If you hear your child roar in laughter, you know they love this one!

The last word

Now that you know a range of exercises to do with your child, how about making working out a family affair? We think it’s a successful plan. Not only will you get your daily dose of exercise, but it will also help your kids stay engaged and prepare them to move their bodies in the long run. It’s a win-win, we think!


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