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Attention Teenagers, it’s the time to be in shape. For Parents of teenagers, it’s time to help your teens learn about safe, daily exercise routines to keep them healthy and maintain their stamina.

Teenagers can be easily susceptible to the social influencers, whether that would be beauty standards or family issues. In cases where obesity permeate in children’s home, it can drastically interrupt the growth and development for that teenager when growing as an adult person. That’s why there’s Teenage Workout Day, it’s a day all about giving teenagers an opportunity to start developing and rescheduling their exercise activity for a healthy body and mind.

History of Teenage Workout Day

Teenage Workout Day goals at to find better ways to work out while also bring awareness to teenage obesity in the United States. The teenage workout day was founded by Greg Bouskila in 2018.

In 2017, over four million deaths linked with obesity have been reported world wide. Obesity is defined as excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk to the individual. A Body Mass Index (B.M.I) of over 25 is considered overweight while anything over 30 is obese.

There are already many organizations and schools that are arranging the programs to target childhood obesity, this holiday aims to improve those efforts by giving a day for teenagers to begin a workout program.

Obesity, as an overall, affects over 12.7 million children and teenagers and result as incorrect and irregular eating habits, a history of obesity in the family, low self-esteem, medications, and a stressful life event. It also brings many health risks including heart disease, diabetes, breathing problems, joint pain, and hormonal changes.

While controlling and losing weight is generally the main reason of exercise, workout routines can improve mental health by relieving stress, sharpening memory, control unhealthy addictions, help alleviate anxiety and depression, and more health benefits that improve growth into adulthood.

That’s why Teenage Workout Day is a day that motivates workout programs as a routine that teenagers should start because it can overall help that teenager grow into adulthood with a healthy body and a healthy mind. This day is all about decreasing the effects of obesity and changing the future of teenagers by helping them to improve the way they view themselves.

How to celebrate Teenage Workout Day

For those who want to participate in this holiday, start searching easy but effective workout routines and bring into the daily routine. If you’re a concerned parent, try and spend this holiday into your local public school and help their local board change the way their high school conducts physical training sessions. Share this holiday on social media and let your friends know what day it is using the hashtag #teenageworkoutday. Talk with your friends on creating a new workout team so you can be healthy with your friends and bring up the struggles and discussion points about why being healthy can help you.

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