How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout When You Have Tendinitis

According to the Merivale Hand Clinic, you’ll probably need to modify your current workout to avoid putting too much stress on the inflamed area. If you’re experiencing tendinitis somewhere in your upper body, use this time to work more on your lower body. You can also focus more on cardio so that you circulate some new blood to the affected area to promote healing. However, you’ll want to avoid rowing machines or any cardio equipment that requires you to grip (via Merivale Hand Clinic).

If your tendinitis is in the lower body, such as Achilles tendinitis, Sutter Health suggests spinning, swimming, or yoga to ease the pressure on the lower body. You can also work on improving your technique and range of motion for your sport by stretching (via Mayo Clinic).

If you enjoy lifting weights but have tendinitis, Muscle & Fitness suggests warming up the body for 10 minutes before hitting the weights. You’ll also need to do plenty of warm-up sets. Your main sets should be with significantly lighter weights and slower movements. If a movement causes pain, you’ll want to stop. If your tendinitis is severe, Muscle & Fitness suggests taking a week off.

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