Iowa CrossFit gym participates in workout in honor of teacher killed in Uvalde, Texas

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Over the weekend, CrossFit gyms across the country, including in Iowa, participated in a workout in honor of one of the teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas.

Eva Mireles was a teacher at Robb Elementary, and she was involved in CrossFit.

K2F2 within CrossFit JHawk fitness participated in the Eva Strong Hero workout. Cierra Mass and Riley Welsh are a part of the group, which meets at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School. It’s made up of more than 25 educators.

“One thing that’s really unique about our CrossFit box is that we are located in a school,” Cierra Mass said. “And our group is… we have a lot of educators within this group. It hits home with us.”

In addition to doing the workout, the group has raised around 300 dollars for the OneStar Foundation.

“The little bit that we could do our do diligence was honoring her as a group by participating in this workout,” Riley Welsh said. “And it was a challenging, difficult workout. But the things that she had gone through, that they are going through, is very minor in comparison.”

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