Lululemon just released workout hijabs

The retailer now sells both a scarf-style hijab and a performance hijab

Andrew Koopman

June 13, 2022

Lululemon has launched a more inclusive type of workout gear.


Lululemon is typically thought of as high-end store for expensive women’s athletic clothes. But the retailer has recently expanded into other facets of athletic wear, including men’s apparel, to be more inclusive and serve more target markets. Its newest product is lululemon’s biggest step yet: Workout hijabs.

Hijabs are worn by some Muslim women in public, depending on their culture. But normal hijabs can be tough for workouts, since they’re not designed for that purpose. Lululemon’s newest workout hijabs look to solve that problem with designs made to hit the gym.

These hijabs were designed in collaboration with women who actually wear hijabs regularly in an effort to ensure they’re comfortable, perform well, and still meet all cultural requirements of headcoverings. These garments use moisture-wicking materials to help deal with sweat, and they’re lightweight so that they don’t interfere with the wearer’s ability to workout.

The athletic wear retailer currently sells two types of workout hijabs: A scarf-style hijab available in grey or red that retails for $38, and a lightweight performance hijab in black or blue that retails for $42.

While lululemon isn’t the first big fitness retailer to produce hijabs — Nike, Adidas and Sweaty Betty all produce hijabs, for example — it’s another step toward creating equal opportunities for everyone to stay active.

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