Lupita Nyong’o on her workout regimen and beauty must-haves

Regardless of her busy work-life schedule, Lupita is known to maintain her beauty and health. 

Lupita Nyong’o has had a busy summer—from Italian travels to preparing for the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, out this fall. Yet, in the midst of all that, Nyong’o was able to surprise 40 young women at the NAACP National Convention on July 17 in partnership with Lancôme and present each woman with a $10,000 scholarship.

Recently, Lupita sat down with post-event to chat about her advocacy for young women, how she’s training for the Black Panther sequel, and how she beats the heat with summer makeup tricks.

Bazaar asked:

How do you maintain a regimen of working out, especially when you travel? Did you have to do training for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever like you did for the first one?


“There was training involved for this film, but it wasn’t the intense boot camp version we did for the first movie. For me, working out is very much a part of my mental health regimen. I find that I grow very lethargic when I don’t work out, and it changes my mood. For my own sake, and the sake of the people who I’m hanging out with, it’s better if I work out. It’s about caring for yourself.

I’ve come to realize that working out does not require a gym. You can work out with your body weight, which I love. Personally, if I find ways to make my workouts easily achievable, it’s more likely I will commit to them. I have a jump rope that I love to use. I will play tag with my friends and get my heartbeat going. I think moving is important.”


You were just in Italy—what products were your must-haves while traveling?


I carry my skincare products with me wherever I go, because I don’t like to experiment. If it’s not broken, why fix it? I have the basics: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. I always have my Lancôme Genifiqué Serum. When it comes to makeup, I keep it simple. I don’t need to be doing a full face of makeup when I’m just chilling. Of course, I have my team when I travel. But on my own, I don’t do any dramatic eyeliner and mascara.

And on the question of how to maintain beautiful skin when the weather is hot,


It’s really hot here in the tristate area. How do you keep your makeup intact when it’s steamy and hot outside?


I keep it very light. My skin drinks up moisture, so my regimen is about restoring the moisture in my body. I live in New York so the water is quite hard; despite all the humidity, I still find myself being very dry. I use a good lotion. I love the Lancôme Nutrix Royal Lotion. It works 365 days a year for me. I oscillate between that and dry body oils. My favorite is from a company called Hume—they make a really good, natural dry body oil. It’s especially great right after a swim because it’s a spray.

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