Moon Knight’s May Calamawy Shares Grueling BTS Workout Video

May Calamawy shared a video of the intense physical training she endured to prepare for her role in Moon Knight.

Posted on Instagram and set to “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” by DMX, the video shows Calamawy training in aerobics, weightlifting, parkour and combat to play archeologist and adventurer Layla El-Faouly. “It took a village to raise a Layla!⁣” the caption reads.⁣ “[Heart] to Patrick Vo our fight choreographer who sent me this BTS compilation, and everyone on the team who pushed, encouraged, and helped me along the way.⁣”

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In Moon Knight, Layla is introduced as the wife of Marc Spector, who helps him and his alter Steven Grant as they fight against the forces of cult leader Arthur Harrow. As the story develops, Layla eventually becomes a superhero in her own right as the avatar of Tawaret, the Scarlet Scarab. After the conclusion of Moon Knight, Calamawy said she’d be open to revisiting the character in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project. “Well, at this iteration of my life where I’m at now, I haven’t been in a movie and I would love to experience that,” she explained. “A Moon Knight movie would be wonderful. Now, if they are open to a Scarlet Scarab spinoff I’m not going to say no. Or not even a Scarlet Scarab spinoff, even a Moon Knight Season 2. But my hope is that Moon Knight does jump into the film world.”

What the future holds for the cast of Moon Knight is uncertain at this time. Oscar Isaac, who stars as Marc/Steven, has said that the show is intended as a limited series and that there aren’t any plans for a Season 2. At the same time, consulting producer Sarah Goher has strongly implied that fans haven’t seen the last of the Fist of Khonshu. “If you come out feeling more about the idea, more about Moon Knight and Marc Spector, and you care about him, and you care about Steven— even if you care about Jake, if you come out caring about all of these characters, this ending works,” she explained. “No ending could possibly capture a story like this. The ending is really a ‘To be continued.'”

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Considering the MCU’s recent trend of highlighting supernatural-themed heroes like Blade, the Black Knight and Doctor Strange, some fans speculate that the studio is setting up a Midnight Sons project. The team behind Moon Knight has echoed these sentiments, including Isaac himself. When asked which heroes he’d want to see Moon Knight team up with, Isaac answered “The truth, for me, more than the Avengers, is the Midnight Sons. Imagine, with Punisher, Ghost Rider, Daredevil… I think that would be a very interesting group.”

All episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+.

Source: Instagram

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