🏋️New partnership brings workout videos to KSAT Kids; COVID vaccine available to littles; bottle thermometers🌡️!

Hello parents, teachers and students!

How are you enjoying your summer? Enjoying the time off? Or are you already bored and looking for things to do?

To that end, how about a fun and engaging activity that will also help them get in shape? A new partnership between the local nonprofit San Antonio Sports and KSAT 12 might just be able to help.

The San Antonio Sports library of i play! afterschool videos that teach the fundamentals of soccer, track, basketball and volleyball as well as an Alpha Warrior workout series all will now be available in the KSAT Kids section of KSAT.com.

The videos feature expert instruction from professional athletes and can be used by parents and coaches alike.

They are designed so athletes can replicate the techniques at home, by using equipment and objects found around the house.


Read on to learn more about this week’s edition: the Alpha Warrior workout series.

🏋️Get your kids into fitness with family exercises to build endurance, balance and flexibility!

In this first installment of the i play! summer workout series, we offer some Alpha Warrior fitness videos that are sure to work some kid muscles.

The Alpha Warrior Jr. unit is led by American Ninja Warriors Kevin Klein and Tawnee Leonardo. The pair walk viewers through four Alpha Warrior Junior levels, exercises that are designed to help build endurance, balance and flexibility.

The exercise videos are grouped into four fitness levels: Delta, Charlie, Bravo and Alpha. Klein and Leonardo suggest being able to complete each workout successfully three times before moving onto the next level.

So what are you waiting for parents, are you feeling up for a workout?

US opens COVID vaccine to little kids, shots begin next week

Parents! On Saturday, the U.S. officially opened Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines to the youngest children and said the shots will become available starting next week.


Infants as young as 6 months, toddlers and preschoolers will now be available to receive the vaccines, as they were the last group that were still unable to receive the shots.

(Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

The shots will offer young children protection from hospitalization, death and possible long-term complications from COVID-19 that are still not clearly understood, the CDC’s advisory panel said.

Roughly 18 million kids are now eligible.

KSAT Kids Student Spotlight

Funnyman Guillermo Rodriguez and Mike Tyson tried to trick Scripps National Spelling Bee champion Harini Logan, of San Antonio, with the spelling of “mischievous” (and other words) during the annual “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Spelling Bee.

Harini joined the late-night show on Thursday night amid her media blitz after winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee earlier this month.

She’s also been on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” but on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, she had to work to defend her title.


Guillermo and Tyson asked Harini to spell “vanquish,” “isosceles” and “mischievous,” and Kimmel to spell “sesquicentennial” and “phenomenon,” but neither of them pronounced the word correctly or gave accurate definitions and origins.

And, for appearing on the show, Kimmel also surprised her and her family with a trip to Disneyland. Well done again Harini!

Do you know of a student, classroom or school that is doing amazing work and deserves to be featured in KSAT Kids? Nominate someone by emailing ksatkids@ksat.com.

‘World’s Steepest Dive Coaster’ opening at Fiesta Texas in June

The world’s steepest dive rollercoaster is set to open at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this month.

Park visitors will soon be able to ride Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, as three 21-passenger trains will lift riders 150 feet in the air before dropping them down a 95-degree, vertical plummet at 60 mph, according to Six Flags.


The first-of-its-kind coaster travels on 2,501 feet of track through an Immelmann inversion, a 270-degree zero-g roll, a 75-foot near-vertical drop, a wild-banked turn, an extreme airtime hill, and a high-speed, spiral finale.

The height requirement for the ride is a minimum of 52 inches and the maximum is 78 inches. It will be located in the Crackaxle Canyon Screampunk District, a press release said.

(Courtesy, Six Flags)

Kaiti’s Science Lab makes bottle thermometers with homeschool group

And after doing science experiments in the KSAT News studio for over a year, Kaiti’s Science Lab is now on the road! Meteorologist Kaiti Blake and David Sears joined a homeschool group in Marion to make homemade thermometers in a bottle.

Once your homemade thermometer is ready to go, you’ll be able to see how the temperature rose or fell. How cool of an activity is that?

Parents and guardians: upload a video of your child performing the activity by clicking here. Send it in and you might see it on GMSA @ 9 a.m.!


If you’re a teacher or administrator and would like Kaiti to visit your school, email Kaiti at: kblake@ksat.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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