NFL Insider Shares Colin Kaepernick Update Following Raiders Workout

Recent developments suggest that Colin Kaepernick might be joining the Las Vegas Raiders.

He was seen working out with the squad that already has four quarterbacks on their depth chart.

Their starting play-caller, Derek Carr, gave his seal of approval if ever Kaepernick ends up joining the squad.

However, CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson revealed that it isn’t a done deal yet.

Anderson tweeted, “Also regarding Colin Kaepernick’s post-workout status in Las Vegas, my understanding is a possible future for Kaep as a #Raider is not necessarily off the table, but at the same time not at the mesh point of definitively happening either. Either way, no timetable on a decision.”

The team would have to assess if adding Kaepernick has merit.

It would bring much attention to the franchise, but it might not add much value football-wise.

After all, the former Nevada standout last played in 2016 when he was still with the San Francisco 49ers.

While he helped the team to a Super Bowl appearance, it’s hard to forget that he only won one game in his final season.

Do The Raiders Need Another Quarterback?

Aside from Carr, the Raiders already have Nick Mullens and Jarrett Stidham.

They’ve also signed undrafted free agent Chase Garbers.

It’s hard to see Kaepernick turning back the hands of time and becoming the team’s starter.

If that’s the case, is he really a better option than the reserves?

It’s not easy getting back into game shape after a six-year layoff.

On the other hand, are Stidham and Mullens reliable if ever something happens to Carr?

At least Kaepernick has won in the league and it’s hard to discredit what he has accomplished.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to whether no one else can offer the value that signing Kaepernick presents.

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