O-lineman Luke Hamilton wowed with Justin Frye, Ohio State ‘special’ workout opportunity

Like many young football players growing up in Ohio, Luke Hamilton and his dad spent their Saturdays watching Ohio State football. Like some players who continue to play the game into high school, Hamilton attended the Buckeyes’ summer camp on Tuesday. But unlike most of the campers, Hamilton got a fairly exclusive workout.

After the camp was over and most in attendance went inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to receive their t-shirt and boxed lunch, Hamilton, a 2024 offensive lineman, was asked to stay outside and work out with Scarlet and Gray offensive line coach Justin Frye, as well as Phillip Daniels, Dane Woodward and other of the top players at the position at the camp.

“I mean, yeah,” Hamilton responded when asked if he was excited about that opportunity. “A little shocked. It was fun. I didn’t think I’d ever get to do that. But now I’ve gotten to do it, it’s like ‘Wow.’

OL Luke Hamilton in 1 on 1’s at Ohio State. pic.twitter.com/dtE6plJNMc

— Bill Kurelic (@Bill_Kurelic) June 14, 2022

“Growing up an Ohio State fan, growing up, seventh, eighth grade, people were like, ‘You’re probably not going to be very good. You’ll never go D-I.’ And then getting to come out here and actually show what I have, it’s a pretty special thing.

“It was pretty cool. I mean, for there to only be four of us out there getting the extra work in, I mean, it feels pretty special. Only being a sophomore, being able to do that was pretty cool.”

Hamilton is a four-star prospect, the country’s 12th ranked offensive tackle and the fifth-best player from Ohio according to the 247Sports Composite. He has scholarship offers from programs such as Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and other Big Ten schools and hoped to add Ohio State to that list after camp on Tuesday.

That offer has not yet come for Hamilton, at least he is yet to announce it, but that does not mean one won’t come down the line. The offensive lineman has two more years of high school football and has already impressed enough to get face time with Frye after his workout on Tuesday.

“The main takeaway is he’s a really good coach, definitely one of the top in college football,” Hamilton said of Frye. “I mean, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I like that. If I did something wrong, he told me and he made me re-go, which really helped me and would help me throughout my career.”

As for where he’s going to focus to improve, Hamilton recognized that footwork is important for any Ohio State offensive lineman, having paid close attention to those Buckeyes who have had success on the line in the past.

“Footwork’s a big thing of football and if you don’t have good feet, you probably won’t be a good player,” Hamilton said. “So getting it out there, getting the footwork in was a good thing. That’s why they have such good linemen because they all have really good feet.”

At the high school level, Hamilton plays right tackle but Frye looked to challenge him some at the camp. During different drills, Hamilton was asked to line up at guard and left tackle to see how he would perform.

Despite success, it didn’t all go perfectly for Hamilton on Tuesday. The Avon, Ohio native took a shot to the head at one point during drills and had to get bandaged up before he could get back to work.

“So I took a little kick step and he went right inside. I saw on it. As soon as he came in, we just collided heads,” Hamilton explained. “And I was about to go in for another rep and they told me get out because I was bleeding, which is a little bit of a bummer for me because I wanted to keep going. But I just went over there. They said I could get a stitch but there was no really reason for it, so they just glued it up and I was good.

“I felt like a burn, but I didn’t know I was cut. So I was getting right back in and they were like, ‘You gotta go,’ and I was like, ‘Alright.'”

Hamilton finished the day before getting to work out with Frye and the other select few. He then got to sit down with the offensive line coach and discuss his play.

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While this was not his first visit to the Buckeyes, Hamilton was again impressed with the camp and Frye. He also loves the Scarlet and Gray, being a fan since he was a child, and continues to be blown away by what the program has to offer.

“I mean, coming down the first time and seeing everything, I was like, ‘Holy crap,’ because the facilities are real nice,” Hamilton said. “They have everything that they need to take care of you. If you get hurt, they’re right on it. They have everything you’d ever need, which you need in college football because you’re going to get banged up every practice. So coming back to the facilities and having that to you is really a big thing.”

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