OODA Ball Hits Fitness and Fight Community to Punch Up Any Workout Routine

MONTREAL – (Feb. 7, 2022) Enjoying a killer workout has never felt more rewarding. OODA Ball is the patented untethered punching ball that forces users to observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) during workouts. Launching today on Kickstarter, OODA Ball’s patented multi-layer design allows anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, to work out from anywhere.

Unlike traditional punching bags, the OODA Ball features the human instinctive process of fast-paced decision-making called the OODA Loop. The OODA Ball has the thrill of a sparring match without the concern of getting punched in the face. OODA Ball’s patented R.T.H.M. (Reactive Target Hyper-kinetic Motion) technology helps develop punch accuracy, hand speed, hand-eye coordination, and proper form during workouts.

There’s no setup required with OODA Ball and its functionality allows for it to be used as an untethered punching bag against the wall, on the floor, or as a fitness ball. Its portability makes it ideal for working out anytime, anywhere. OODA Ball also comes with a smartphone application that provides training guides and routines, allowing users to access an encouraging fitness community.

Despite the growing popularity of combat-based sports and interactive workouts like MMA and Peloton, there hasn’t been much change in simulated boxing training equipment for decades. Punching bags, speedballs, and shadowboxing come with their own set of limitations that become repetitive and boring over time, lacking variation and the ability to inspire prolonged workouts.

“I’m a professional athlete who travels the world a lot and the OODA Ball is portable compared to traditional bags, so I recently brought it with me to France and England,” said Xavier Alaoui, former UAE World Champion and current MMA professional fighter. “The OODA Ball is extremely useful for traveling and outdoor training. It’s pretty obvious that it’s one of the best tools for working your reflexes and there are countless things you can do with this ball, all you need is the right mindset! It can be bounced off anything! You can work on your power, speed, and agility – it’s like a combination of all punching bags in one.”

OODA Ball is a functional, interactive boxing training tool that can provide results for anyone, from beginners looking for a new, productive workout all the way up to professional fighters. It’s available starting at CA$99.

To pre-order, visit pr.go2.fund/ooda-ball.

Roberto Villa is the CEO, Founder, Executive Writer, Senior Editor of FightBook MMA. Has a passion for Combat Sports and also a podcast host for Sitting Ringside. He’s also a former MMA fighter and Kickboxer.


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