Did your workout get derailed by COVID-19 (or something else)? Here’s how to safely get back into a fitness routine

Here’s a little secret of mine about being a personal trainer: Despite fitness being at the centre of my world, I’m a fairly unimpressive physical specimen. I’m not particularly strong, not exceptionally fast, not genetically gifted in any way. In fact, I’m not even that hard of a worker in the gym. One thing I … Read more

Celebrity trainer discloses John Abraham’s workout routine to maintain his chiselled body

When you think of John Abraham, you probably see him as one of the most toned Indian celebrities over the last two decades. Despite having a ripped body, John Abraham is a pure vegetarian and animal lover. And with this article we have renowned Physiotherapist Dr Prashant Mistry who has trained John Abraham in the … Read more

Sohrab Khushrushahi: Online workout – Hindustan Times

Trainer time I’ve been looking at trainers online since gyms are closed. How do I find the ideal personal trainer for myself on a decent budget? —Nikki, Via email Do your homework a little before you pick your trainer. Look for what they’ve done in the past, what experience they have in training similar people … Read more