Braves, Bulldogs, Eagles join together for football workout | Sports

The football talent of three area schools filled Braves Stadium Thursday for some joint practices. It’s been three weeks since teams hit their summer workouts hard, and what they found was an unprecedented heat wave for mid- to late-June. Not that practicing in hot weather comes as a surprise to anyone, but they don’t think … Read more

Did your workout get derailed by COVID-19 (or something else)? Here’s how to safely get back into a fitness routine

Here’s a little secret of mine about being a personal trainer: Despite fitness being at the centre of my world, I’m a fairly unimpressive physical specimen. I’m not particularly strong, not exceptionally fast, not genetically gifted in any way. In fact, I’m not even that hard of a worker in the gym. One thing I … Read more


Trygg-Hansa extends its enterprise agreement with Twiik, which means that Twiik delivers a Pregnancy and maternity workout app based on Twiik’s platform and ecosystem for digital workouts. The app is aimed at both pregnant women and new mothers. Twiik provides both the app and its coaching tool, enabling Trygg-Hansa to coach and continuously develop its … Read more

‘Murph’ workout honors veterans with fitness challenge

PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – A local gym joined others across the country Saturday with a special workout designed to honor veterans ahead of Memorial Day. CrossFit North Peoria hosted ‘The Murph’, a workout named after Navy SEAL Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan. Participants start by going on a one-mile run while … Read more

Try This Bad Bunny Treadmill Workout Next Time You Hit The Gym | KIIS FM

Do you need more Bad Bunny in your life? DUH! There are so many different treadmill trends on TikTok and you need this Bad Bunny edition one to add to your workout routine! @angie.621 on TikTok posted her own treadmill trend of pure daddy Benito. The workout playlist consists of songs from his latest album, … Read more

Sweetwater summer workout schedule announced | Sports

All Sweetwater athletes who are entering grades 7-12 will be expected to maintain a certain level of fitness through the summer months. Strength and conditioning training provides a smooth transition into fall workouts along with injury prevention. The Sweetwater coaching staff will be present to instruct these athletes. Boys and girls workouts will take place … Read more

Basecamp Fitness hosts Pedal for a Cause workouts, raises money for Madison first responders

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Basecamp Fitness community hosted a day of workouts Saturday in order to raise money for Madison responders. In honor of the Pedal for a Cause event, the public was invited to Basecamp Fitness’s three Madison studios to work out and raise money. For every mile ridden during the Pedal for … Read more

Will you try this viral Taylor Swift treadmill workout to lose weight?

Bennett explained how to go about this workout. Over the video of herself walking, she wrote, “Find your pace to the beat of ‘The Man,’ then add .1 mph each time the song changes.” People do the workout at whatever treadmill incline they wish to. Bennett usually starts at an incline of eight and then … Read more

Ways To Lose Weight With A Treadmill Workout

There are benefits to jumping on the treadmill, especially when you don’t want to lift heavy weights or go road running in the harsh weather. Throw your headphones in and get on the treadmill to burn some calories with these five easy treadmill workouts shared by the experts at Myprotein India. High Intensity Interval Training … Read more

3 unhealthy workout habits that could shorten your life

Strength training and HIIT version of cardio are great for building muscle mass and burning fat. Photo : iStock KEY HIGHLIGHTS When it comes to health and wellness, workouts are just as important as diet. Not only do they affect fitness levels but also longevity. Yes, surprising as it may sound, workouts have an effect … Read more