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Aside from going to the gym to break a sweat, other wellness studios are popping up here and there carrying the same goal: to make working out less boring and remain still highly effective to keep you in shape.

There are a number of cycling studios that have gone this route but boxing gyms?

In an episode of Unang Hirit on Tuesday, Suzie Entrata-Abrera and Anjoy Anson along with Michael Pacquiao — son of legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao — tried Ultraboxx Boxing Club, the newest boxing studio in Ortigas. 

What sets Ultraboxx Boxing Club from other existing boxing studios in the metro is they increase the “fun factor” of every session with hype music and neon lights to get you on into the groove.

The studio also uses water on its punching bag, so it has less impact on the hands when you throw a punch compared to the typical punching bags filled with grains or sand.

“Kanina pa kami suntok nang suntok, pero hindi masakit sa katawan,” Suzie observed.

Anjoy shared what he learned from one of Ultraboxx coaches: one session of a 45-50 mins boxing class can help you burn up to 500 calories — depending on the intensity that is.

Boxing has gained popularity among health buffs over the years as an engaging, high-intensity full-body workout.

For Michael, “boxing is a workout, daily exercise to [keep] the body healthy and in condition.” 

Ultraboxx offers a beginner trial package for P800 worth of two sessions and P16,800 worth of 25 sessions. — LA, GMA News

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