Tim McGraw Showed Off the Tour Workout Keeping Him Shredded at 55

There’s a certain image that comes to mind when you imagine a musician on tour, complete with drinking, late nights and all kinds of excess. Not so for country singer Tim McGraw. In a recent video which he shared to TikTok, the music legend showed how dedicated he and his crew are to maintaining their personal fitness between gigs.

“We try to do this rain or shine, but sometimes I question our senses,” says a shirtless McGraw in the clip, which features heavy rain and even hail, adding: “Maybe God’s trying to tell us to take an afternoon off.”

As well as doing full-body fat burners like sled training and battle ropes, McGraw can be seen working his upper body with pushups and sculpting that six-pack with an ab wheel and hanging leg raises. He also doesn’t neglect the rotational aspect of any decent core workout, using sledgehammer swings to light up his obliques.

The decision to invest more time and energy in health and fitness occurred in McGraw’s 40s, after he saw himself on-screen in Four Christmases and decided that he wanted to “capitalize” on being in such a good place career-wise in order to ensure he has the longevity he wants.

“I don’t really get tired of training,” he told Men’s Health in 2019. “There’s such a feeling of accomplishment that comes from the feeling of being my age and still being at the top of my game.”

Since losing weight and getting ripped, in addition to partnering with TRUMAV to design his own workouts, McGraw has also found that being in better shape actually makes him a better singer, especially when he’s touring and performing live. “I use my whole body to sing—my legs, my butt,” he said. “And having more control over those things makes my voice stronger.”

Being his fittest self in his 50s has also helped the acting side of his work: while preparing for the Yellowstone prequel series 1883, in which he stars alongside his wife and fellow country star Faith Hill, McGraw and the rest of the cast had to go though a physically and mentally grueling cowboy boot camp with showrunner Taylor Sheridan in order to guarantee they could all realistically depict life on the wagon train.

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