To just workout for Weekend fit dey enough to make you fit

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23 July 2022, 07:58 WAT

New Informate 3 hours wey don pass

Ogbonge exercise for weekend time dey as good as if you do workout through out the week, according to one study.

American researchers bin track 350,000 pipo ova 10 years to see how di pipo wey call demselves weekend warriors bin do.

Di findings wey comot for di JAMA Internal Medicine Journal show say wetin fit mata pass na di type and total amount of exercises fit mata pass how many sessions.

Di recommended amount na 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise.

For instance if you go for walk or do light bicycle riding or to play doubles for tennis fit work.

Or you fit do 75 minutes of hard activities like running, swimming or playing game of football na wetin di medical sabi pipo for NHS tok.

Many of di participants for di US study do dis amount of exercise per week. But some of dem pack di amount for di week inside one or two exercise sessions.

Those wey reach di recommended level of activity, weda during di week or for weekend, bin get lower death risk than pipo wey do less than di recommended amount.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

To climb mountain (wetin oyibo call hiking) na beta way for pesin to reach dia target

Di NHS also make pipo dey do some kain of physical activity including strength exercises and try bot to dey siddon for long time period.

Stregth exercises fit be yoga, pilates and heavy gardening.

Very serious activity wey fit help you reach di recommended physical activity levels for shorter sharper bursts be like:

  • high-intensity interval training
  • spinning classes
  • lifting heavy weight
  • climb hills with run

Breathe harder

One British Heart Foundation senior cardiac nurse Joanne Whitmore say, “dis large study show say, when e come to exercise e no mata wen you dey do am, di koko be sat you do physical activity first.”

She add say, “Weda you cram di exercise for weekend or spread am through di week, make sure you reach 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity for di week.”

Whitmore get wetin you fit use test di kain activity you dey do, “moderate intensity activites go make you breathe harder and make your heart to beat faster than normal but you go still fit to tok as you dey do am”.

“Exercise fit improve your health, e fit reduce your risk of heart and circulatory diseases like heart attack and stroke”.

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