Try This Bad Bunny Treadmill Workout Next Time You Hit The Gym | KIIS FM

Do you need more Bad Bunny in your life? DUH!

There are so many different treadmill trends on TikTok and you need this Bad Bunny edition one to add to your workout routine! @angie.621 on TikTok posted her own treadmill trend of pure daddy Benito. The workout playlist consists of songs from his latest album, Un Verano Sin Ti. She lists what speed you need to do for certain songs and make sure you do them in order as the speed gets quicker from a warm up speed of 3.3 to a sprinting speed of 6.5-7.

Check out her TikTok below and try not to fall while dancing to Bad Bunny. She also has some other Bad Bunny treadmill workouts like a trap bunny one.👀

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