Vihaan Samat’s Workout routine is Complete Fitness Goals

Fitness differs from person to person and how one manages their daily lifestyle is what surmounts to the results that the world eventually witnesses. Vihaan Samat has been known to have a pretty well built bod with defined abs and a droolworthy effect on all. He shares his complete workout and diet routine with us which might surprise everyone. “I try to have a balanced, natural diet while avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar.
No meal plan as such, I eat a lot of traditional ghar ka khaana with sabzi and dals, and my diet consists of a lot of salad, tofu and chicken, brown rice and nuts.”, he says about his eating habits and diet.

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Moving on to this workout patterns, he mentions, ” I stretch every day. And I have been weightlifting off and on for about 8 years. These days, I try and follow a 4 day gym routine with one day assigned to chest, triceps (push), One day of back and biceps (pull) , One day of Abs and shoulders and One day of Legs. Each day I add 20 minutes of cardio and that’s my set routine for workouts.”

When asked how he maintains that charming smile and personality of his, he answers with an ease that makes us swoon , “Most of all I try to do things that make me feel good, feel alive and keep me happy. I don’t weigh my foods or count calories. I don’t take any supplements, apart from whey protein isolate.”

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