Walking Workout with A Difference CIC

Hello Everyone I’m Sandra Samuels – Allen with my Story to share . 

At the turn of 2017 while sitting on the edge of my bed, I found myself wondering how I could take myself out of isolation/loneliness and meet new people after moving to Kent and having no friends in the Medway. I started posting on social media to see if anyone would be interested if I setup a local community group to walk, talk, have a workout, and also to help the community with physical wellbeing, and mental health.

It worked, and Walking Workout With A Difference was born! Each time I meet the members to do a walking workout it is so rewarding knowing I can offer my time to the community and share fun. The members are so welcoming; never a dull moment, and we always laughing and supporting each other.

Growing The Kent Community:

Walking Workout With A Difference C.I.C is all about building the community, bringing people together and having some fun at the same time. What I refer to as Wellbeing Balance is important to us all as individuals and our community groups offer activities and create a social element to help mental health as well as physical health and to tackle loneliness. We offer advice and training to both adults, disabilities and children in the community groups of Medway, helping us all to understand and appreciate the benefits of staying active for life and the importance of healthy eating alongside activity.

What will the money be used for:
The community group works well they empower each as well as myself, we are part of the team.

We share life experiences along with the way.

We spend the money by searching for land with green space environment so we be able plant vegetables and flowers chill outside as well as inside offering a different environment away from their normal life.
Offering a mixture of events inside and outside , Medication , Pilates ,Painting, Baking  and Poetry Reading. 

The land would have to have planning permission for containers. 

Sourcing log cabins have a wood burners  to keep everyone warm and cost effective for the winter months . 

We do a lot of outdoor walks the community loves the feel of the nature. This will prevent isolation, loneliness , obesity and help to reduce the NHS bill.

 Our website:Walkingworkwithadifference.com 

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