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Yvette Quantz with Eat Fit Acadiana and Toni Heinen, Owner of Good Wolf Power Yoga, joined News15 at Noon to share ways you can stay mindful of your health. Click here to learn more.

Ochsner Eat Fit will host its 9th Annual Eat Fit Dine Out event on June 3 – 10, 2022 with a new addition: a nutritious food drive for local food banks.

Each year on Eat Fit Dine Out Week, Ochsner encourages the community to celebrate our local Eat Fit partners by dining out at these restaurants. This year, the dietitians at Eat Fit are also encouraging community members to donate to local food banks during the newly named Dine Out and Donate Week.

Northshore, Acadiana, Shreveport, and Monroe will have donation boxes located at the restaurants to make donating effortless. Eat Fit Acadiana will be partnering with FoodNet Food Bank, ensuring donations are kept local.

The Eat Fit team invites diners to bring their donations along with them when they dine out. For regions without on-site restaurant donates, Eat Fit encourages diners to take advantage of dropoff times at their local food bank. A full list of statewide participating restaurants and food banks is available at www.EatFitDineOut.com.

“Eat Fit Dine Out and Donate” offers us an opportunity to nourish our community in more ways than one. Support local businesses while simultaneously giving back to those in need. We’re challenging our community members to donate with intentionality by choosing to donate nutritious foods.

By donating items like no- or low-salt added canned food, whole grains, and other nutrient-dense items, we can do better for the individuals who will receive food,” said Yvette Quantz, registered dietitian with Eat Fit Acadiana. “We look forward to the public joining us on June 3 – 10 to not only support our partner restaurants but also Eat Fit’s mission to equip our community to live their strongest, healthiest lives by donating to our food banks in this time of high need.”

Ochsner Eat Fit provides education and encouragement to community members through the use of social media on how to donate nutritious and high-demand items. The Eat Fit Donation guide on the free Eat Fit smartphone app provides specific donation ideas.

Ochsner Eat Fit works diligently alongside restaurant chefs and owners, and within the community, to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Eat Fit also supports nutrition

education for culinary teaching programs, community cooking classes, development of Eat Fit opportunities in under-served areas, and nutrition-related events in schools, churches, and grocery stores.

Food and nutrition play key roles in the health, vitality, and productivity of our community. Eat Fit partners are essential in the fight against obesity and other chronic health conditions related to

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