What Is Seth Feroce’s Amazing Shoulder Workout?

Seth Feroce is a popular name in the world of bodybuilding. His physique and presence in IFBB Pro stands as an inspiration for many bodybuilders even today. Although Feroce’s overall physique is the topic of many a conversation, he is often commended for his sculpted shoulders. In fact, Seth Feroce’s shoulder routine is probably the most sought after.

Hailing from Lower Burrell, PA, Seth started his bodybuilding journey with a set of weights presented to him by his father. Now, towering at 242 lbs with a 5’5” frame, Seth Feroce makes his presence active on social media by sharing workouts and nutrition tips he has learned over the years.

Of course, bodybuilding isn’t all about exercise. Diet plays a crucial role in building one’s body, and Feroce has been pretty vocal about his meals, revealing that he disperses his calories over six meals through the day. This diet includes plenty of meat, eggs, fruits, veggies, and protein supplements.

Similarly, he has also been quite public about his training routines, often sharing them on the internet for others to learn from. His training styles have been mixed over the years, as he is known to experiment with different programs. These programs are a mix of strength training with cardio, where he performs numerous sets and reps. This ensures that one has enough variety, even in a routine workout, which in turn may help people stay motivated, and continue to persevere in their fitness journey.

Here we take a look at his shoulder routine.

Seth Feroce’s shoulder workout

Since Feroce tries to follow multiple programs to understand them better. So, it is needless to say that he doesn’t stick to a fixed shoulder routine – preferring to alternate between two programs to keep things varied.

Below, we have broken down in detail, the elements of these two workouts, including cricuits and number of reps:

Workout 1

Circuit 1:

• Bent-over dumbbell raises x 8-20

• Standing lateral raises x 8-20

• Standing front raises x 8-20

3 sets each

Circuit 2:

• Machine overhead press x 8-20

• Machine lateral raise x 8-20

3 sets each

Circuit 3:

• Cable lateral raises x 8-20

• Cable front raises x 8-20

3 sets each

Workout 2

Circuit 1:

• Dumbbell lateral raises x 8-20

• Dumbbell front raises x 8-20

Circuit 2:

• Machine overhead press x 8-20

• Machine lateral raises x 8-20

Circuit 3:

• Bent-over cable rope pulldown x 8-20

• Plate front raises x 8-20

• Plate lateral raises x 8-20

• Plate bent-over rear delt raises x 8-20

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Needless to say, be sure to follow appropriate warm-up and cool-down protocols before and after the workout, in order to avoid muscle strain and injury.

It is important to remember that along with exercise, diet and recovery also constitute two large supporting pillars when it comes to bodybuilding. And while a regime like Seth Feroce’s sure does seem gruelling, the rewards that it yields are definitely worth the effort!

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