Workout equipment installed at Glazebrook Park

June 21, 2022

John Badman|The Telegraph An Apollo Multi-Gym is being installed at Glazebrook Park in Godfrey. The equipment, which delivers many of the same exercises people can do at an indoor gym, will be located near the Godfrey Splash Pad also currently under development. 

John Badman

GODFREY — If you’re looking for a change in your routine from jogging or walking the trail at Glazebrook Park, a new Apollo Multi-Gym designed to be used outdoors may be the thing.

Workers last week were assembling the equipment which delivers the same exercises people can do at an indoor gym. The equipment is being set up on its own small concrete pad not far from the construction site for the Godfrey Splash Pad.

The Apollo allows for 19 different exercises, including a triceps press down station high pulley, an upper back pull down, a bicep curl station, an upright shoulder row, back-seated rowing, chest push-ups, leg cardio squats, an abdominal knee raise, a calf raise, lower back extension, chin-ups and a dip station.

A completion date for the equipment installation has not been announced.

John Badman is a 1982 graduate of SIU-Carbondale, with a major in cinema and photography and a minor in law enforcement administration of justice. He has worked at The Telegraph in Alton full-time for 39 years and has been named the National Press Photographers Association’s Region-5 Photographer of the Year six times.

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